My Last Post, thank you

This will be my last post on this blog, but there is another. I have started a new blog here, so you are welcome to share the next part of the journey together. Just click here honeys – wildlyunearthed.comย to sign up to follow.

Why? I need a new start. I started this blog in 2012. Entering one of the most profound transformations and here I am, and fuck what a ride. I feel to begin a new path because yes more change coming but this time it’s not entering the depths of shit ๐Ÿ˜€ I am now in the depths of vivid clarity and I can feel the enormity of what’s to come.

I will also be unpublishing and deleting my current art page Chaos Moon Arts in the next week or two and I’ve began another, again same reason.

If you would like to continue on travelling together you can like the the new page here, UneARThed.ย 

It feels weird to be ending all of this but at the same time clear as fuck about it. I’m excited and nervous and just simply thank you to all the readers for travelling this unreal road of life. Fuck what a journey it is.

Astara xxx


Trusting the Wheel of Changeย 

Letting go and trusting…easy said then done some of the time well for me anyway. I was ready to go into this year with everything I have then Mercury retrograde happened and turned everything upside down in a good way. Man o man anyone else experiencing this? It’s made me question my whole direction, what needs to change and what I need to let go and am I going to continue on the same path that I planned to…nup. 

My fire has changed and grown stretching towards other amazing things, I didn’t plan for it but I’m going for it anyway. 

Each year I actively work towards decreasing stress levels and reassess everything to see if I’m feeling as passionate about what I love as I did a year or a month ago or if there is some things I need to change to really be in alignment with that fire within. 

I can’t say I’m super clear with where I’m going but I do know this; any stress has to go. I will and am living simpler than each year gone by. I don’t have a materialistic bone in my body and each year I see that I need less and want to live more sustainably. The strive for wants and material goals have fucked off completely I just want to do my thing or things and live peacefully. Peace and simplicity. 

Also minimising my time on social media I’d rather use the time to create, work or grow my own food. We have become way too addicted to the screen and not enough time connecting with one another face to face. It’s not normal the amount of time we waste staring and socialising through a screen, isn’t it just mental?? 

So I thought I’d share where I am and if anyone else is feeling similarly? Change, change and more change…but always good change… Xxx


The World Needs More Art

What I do for my work is an expression of my soul and as rewarding and beautiful as it is it comes with deep inner reflection, healing with a need to be self aware. I just want to quickly clarify that I believe we all should move towards self awareness on a daily basis whether our work calls for it or not.

I’m a natural born medium, I’m also a counsellor and art therapist my soul focus at present is art. I’ve always wanted to be completely focused on art since I was 5, yes 5 I wanted to immerse myself in my own creative world. Anyway, I still read for clients and love it but I haven’t been taking on any counselling clients though I still do work as an art therapist but not as much as I have in the past. I reached a point in my journey that I desperately needed to give back to myself after being in service for others since I was 16. I began reading for people when I was 16 and have been ever since. I’m currently studying business and life coaching which I absolutely love. 

Anyway! I’m not here to share my current job occupation but to share with you the difference in inner self reflective work that my occupation brings. If you work with people and genuine about helping others you MUST I believe work on yourself also. I can go into that more in depth but I won’t right now because my point to this post and sorry it’s taken a while to get there is the arts has always been looked down upon by society as not a ‘real’ occupation and I have to say I beg to differ well flat out disagree. 

Being a medium, art therapist and counsellor has taken me on a very deep inner healing journey very deep but I have to say nothing like absolutely nothing like I have experienced as being an artist. That’s not to discount the inner work any art therapist or counsellor experiences this is my own personal findings, for me I have to say being an artist confronts every part of you that has somehow been pushed down or not even discovered yet.

Anyone that personally knows me knows how deep I go nothing is superficially accepted to me I want to know about life and who the fuck I am. So in saying that art and writing has a way of bringing out every hidden part of yourself to be seen and heard. There is something in being an artist and selling your work it brings up every deep self worth and belief issue you own and didn’t know you owned. 

Fuck almighty I’ve had my fair share of realisations and moments sobbing on the kitchen floor with a bottle of wine but nothing like the journey art has taken me on nothing! 

My moments on the kitchen floor can take up to three weeks now over asking myself, ‘Am I ready to sell my paintings?’ I just want to let you know I’m not out of that moment yet I think I could easily bump up to a bottle of rum along with really bad self talk like, ‘I only deserve to sleep on the kitchen floor because look at how pathetic you’re being’ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ yes I’m taking the piss but you get my drift. You feel it all. Nothing escapes you being an artist and a writer, nothing at all.

Art helps you to live and discover yourself and life with greater meaning and awareness how anyone can think it’s not a ‘real’ occupation hasn’t experienced it with their soul and though I probaly will sleep on the kitchen floor with my rum bottle tonight (yes I’m kidding) I wouldn’t swap it for the world. 

The world needs more art pure and simple and really that was the point to my whole post ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜‰

Now that I’ve said all of that go visit my art website you awesome people๐Ÿ˜„ 


Let Me Be Raw

Let me be raw as fuck with you. I’m experiencing right now one of the biggest blocks I have ever felt with my work and with myself. I think in the world of social media most people hide the messy bits of their life for various reasons but when you’re an artist and also in service to support others the messy bits isn’t shown on our own personal journeys and what we move through to walk our authenticity. 

Ive hid a lot of that myself on social media purely because it is social media and we all know there’s a lot of dickheads that would like to pull down others when they’re already feeling low. My thing and we all have a thing is my uniqueness. It’s not that I don’t honour or love it I absolutely do but it’s tiring living in a world where you confront so many that aren’t walking their truth or just have no idea how to connect with their own individuality, their own inner sight. 

My very colourful life and moving through so many dark places on my own you grow to empathise, have compassion and an open heartedness towards everyone…not much surprises me and not too much pulls me down either.

BUT it’s this shitty feeling that surfaces now and again when I experience another deep dive within that I have to rise to yet another piece of me that I will honour and love and be vulnerable to manifest this change which heightens my sensitivity, opens my heart that little more wider and pulls down yet more veils to see how life and the world really is. 

Don’t get me wrong it’s miraculous it is this heightened awareness and clarity, healing is miraculous but to walk with love is to also walk with pain why? Because as you see more you feel more, your compassion and empathy grows and you see the pain and suffering in the world. This does make a person unique and it is for so many others that see with their real eyes too.

Pulling down more veils is feeling a whole heap of uncomfortable feelings just stuff that we sometimes don’t want to face. So let me clarify because I’m writing this spontaneously.. uniqueness TO ME isn’t the clothes you wear, your gifts, talents whatever most people think that makes you different for me in this world it’s being open, compassionate, empathetic and understanding. 

I know I know these are human qualities we all have..yes that’s true but so many have forgotten to live from their heart and living from what they think is their heart. I say think because when you live from your heart you feel it all when you think you do you’re disconnected from feeling the human qualities that connect all living things to your own heart. 

It ain’t easy in this world if you’re living it truthfully with integrity and to those that do I take my hat off to you. Thanks for listening you just helped heal mine. Xxxx