My Last Post, thank you

This will be my last post on this blog, but there is another. I have started a new blog here, so you are welcome to share the next part of the journey together. Just click here honeys – wildlyunearthed.comΒ to sign up to follow.

Why? I need a new start. I started this blog in 2012. Entering one of the most profound transformations and here I am, and fuck what a ride. I feel to begin a new path because yes more change coming but this time it’s not entering the depths of shit πŸ˜€ I am now in the depths of vivid clarity and I can feel the enormity of what’s to come.

I will also be unpublishing and deleting my current art page Chaos Moon Arts in the next week or two and I’ve began another, again same reason.

If you would like to continue on travelling together you can like the the new page here, UneARThed.Β 

It feels weird to be ending all of this but at the same time clear as fuck about it. I’m excited and nervous and just simply thank you to all the readers for travelling this unreal road of life. Fuck what a journey it is.

Astara xxx